My best European Oysters.

Top quality selection of Oysters from World of Oysters (WOO)

Farmed with passion and the best techniques the farmers of World of Oysters (WOO) selected a special and high quality variety of European Oyster for me. Here you can see and taste the choice of oysters I made for you. Just to have your taste buds do a happy dance.


Huîtres à Volant III

Type : Special de claire
Huîtres à Volant is a special selection of the oysters from the Special de Claires in France, this well-known French oyster has undergone its last ‘affinage’ (ripening process) in the ‘claires’. The Special de Claire oysters spend 2 to 6 months in the claire at a maximum density of 10 oysters per square metre to ensure that they achieve the desired roundness and depth. A deeper recess in the shell gives a larger amount of flesh. Thanks to the affinage in the claires, these oysters have a stronger, slightly sweeter taste. The taste of a Special de Claire differs from a Fine de Claire in the firmer texture of the meat, the volume in the mouth and an remarkable balance of salt and sweet.

Juizette La Rêveuse III

Type : Fine de claire
These oysters were popular with French bon vivants back in the 17th century already. The Fine de Claire is a well-known French oyster that has undergone its last ‘affinage’ in the ‘claires’. These claires, which are connected to the open sea, are shallow closable ponds in the past used mainly for the production of salt. Thanks to the affinage in the claires, these oysters have a stronger, slightly sweeter taste. The Fines de Claires lie in the claires for one to three months at a maximum density of 20 oysters per square metre and have a meat percentage of between 6.5 and 10.5%.

Irish Mór III

Type : Specials
This exclusive oyster from the IRISH MÓR label is cultivated by a select group of traditional oyster farmers who choose quality over quantity in a highly sustainable way. The IRISH MÓR label promises a very strict selection of high-quality oysters from Ireland. This soft creamy oyster, created by a mix of fresh water from the rivers and salty water from the Atlantic, offers an excellent taste experience. Its high meat percentage – no less than 12% or higher – makes for a high-quality and flavourful oyster. IRISH MÓR oysters have a beautifully solid smooth shell with a pearly white interior and a nice deep cup. This oyster is not seasonal and available all year round.

Wild Atlantic III

Wild Atlantic Oyster is the brand representing the oyster producers in Sligo Bay, on Ireland’s North West coast. Sligo Bay has numerous inlets with ideal conditions for the cultivation of oysters. Indeed, even the name Sligo (Sligeach in Gaelic) means “Shelly Place” a reference to the abundance of oyster shells found in the bay. Sligo has a history of oyster cultivation spanning three centuries;  oysters were exported from Sligo to hotels and restaurants in London since the mid-nineteenth century. Our producers specialize in the cultivation of the Pacific oyster species Crassostrea Gigas, which they source from their own shellfish hatchery on the shores of Sligo Bay.

Oesterij Special III

Type : Oesterij
Oyster-growing in the Netherlands was characterised mainly by bottom culture for the flat, Imperial oysters. However, growing of Creuses in the cultivation beds started to take off from the 1970s and ’80s. At first only on the bottom, then later also using surface ‘oyster racks’. By growing these oysters on racks, we have been able to create a lovely, deep, even shape (bottom-grown  oysters are rougher and less uniform). These Oesterij Special oysters are grown mainly in hanging baskets at specially built locations. This growth takes a little longer as it is dependent on the waves. This means the oysters are usually 3 to 4 years old before they are ready for consumption.

salgado Oyster III

Type : Portugal spécial
Under the ‘Salgado’ label, we deliver a selection of high-quality Creuse oysters from Portugal. We have made a selection of the most beautiful Specials from local growers, with a yield of meats above 10.5%.

Source: WOO