Hi, I am Oysters Yasha!

I am The Oysterman of Ibiza and I have an enormous passion for oysters!

Oysters are pure, raw and all very unique. That’s why the oysters and I belong together. Oysters are as colorful as the sea of my home island Ibiza.
And, oysters are always a good idea!

How I became...

Being a Dutch international truckdriver I lived a very free and nomadic life. No day was ever the same. After being a ‘pilgrim’ on the road for years, I got the chance to walk the famous pilgrim to Santiago the Compostela. This pilgrimage by foot gave me the same feeling as being on the road: freedom and meeting great, interesting and special people!

Being back in The Netherlands I just had the feeling: And what now? 

I took my bicycle and made a ride to Amsterdam and that got so out of hand that I ended up at Ibiza. Again, I felt this great sense of freedom. The freedom to be the person I want to be. The island of Ibiza suited my bohemian and colorful life and personality perfectly. And I decided to stay. 

...The Oysterman on Ibiza.

On the island I met another Dutch guy, who’s an oysterman. We talked for a bit and my girlfriend Kim asked him: Don’t you think Yasha is the perfect oysterman? He looked at me, laughed he said: Yes! That’s where my passion for oysters started.

Every day I studied and read about the world of oysters. How they live, grow and about the big variety there is. A whole new world opened up to me. And I knew: this is what I want to be!

I got in contact with the people from World of Oysters (WOO). We clicked immediately. Long story short: I became the agent of their best oysters from Europe in the Balearic Islands. All the chef’s and restaurants I delivered my oysters to told me my oysters made their taste buds tingle. I decided my oysters needed to be available to everybody! Not only in restaurants. That’s how it all started.

"The ocean provides me with the most beautiful oysters every day, I need to share this."


The secret of the oysters.

Besides from being a delicious and luscious treat, oysters have a lot of super healthy benefits. They positively influence your memory, metabolism and immune system, containing lots of B12, D, zinc and magnesium. They are easily digestible and -for all who love their sun kissed beach body- hardly contain any calories. 

And -it’s not a myth, ask my girlfriend– they do enhance your libido!

What WOW restaurant Ibiza
says about my oysters.

If you like Oysters you will LOVE Yasha’s selection.
If you like the look of Oysters you will LOVE Yasha´s look.
if you like the taste of oysters, you will LOVE yasha his taste in oysters.
If you want the whole package, the best taste, the fair price, the super presentation, the extreme good support etc you get your oysters from Yasha.

For us, Yasha fits with WOW restaurant as he is WOW and so are his oysters.

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