Do your event the crazy Ibiza way!

Sprinkle some fun, energetic, sexy vibe and oysters on your party.

Oysters are always a good idea! At a wedding, a high-end business event or a hippy beach party or at your villa. Oysters are the dash of seasalt you need to spice things up! And then, I am The Oysterman to talk to if you want to sprinkle some more fun, sex, craziness and bohemian chic Ibiza vibe to your event. But, always with special, top quality oysters.

This is your Oyster men.

What more can The Oysterman do for you?

Well, I can create a custom made experience that lights up every party and spices up your event. From costumes specially designed for the occasion to menus that match the ambiance. 

Special requests?

Just ask, I love crazy ideas!

This is an Oysters Yasha event.

The Oyster Girls & Boys.

My Oyster Girls & Boys can be anything you want on your party or event.

But they always bring fun, laughter, sexiness, energy, great vibes and the best oysters to you party. If you’d like to hire a whole oyster team for daytime or night, only the Oyster Girls, the Oyster Boys or just me?

Everything is possible!

More about my Oyster events.

I can spice up the party or organize an event for you, full service. If you would like to get a
special oyster delivery, for your private party, restaurant, club or hotel, just ask!