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This is what people say about Oysters Yasha, his team and his oysters

The BEST oysters of the island you order with Yasha. And it's even better when he and his Oyster team take care of the serving and tasting! We, from MySenses, love his service and we love to work together with him to unburden the guests of Ibiza and to create a fantastic full service day or evening for them. 
If you like Oysters you will LOVE Yasha his selection. If you like the look of Oysters you will LOVE Yasha´s look. if you like the taste of oysters, you will LOVE yasha his taste in oysters. If you want the whole package, the best taste, the fair price, the super presentation, the extreme good support etc you get your oysters from Yasha. For us, Yasha fits with WOW as he is WOW and so are his oysters.