Oesterij Special III

Oyster-growing in the Netherlands was characterised mainly by bottom culture for the flat, Imperial oysters. However, growing of Creuses in the cultivation beds started to take off from the 1970s and ’80s. At first only on the bottom, then later also using surface ‘oyster racks’. By growing these oysters on racks, we have been able to create a lovely, deep, even shape (bottom-grown  oysters are rougher and less uniform). These Oesterij Special oysters are grown mainly in hanging baskets at specially built locations. This growth takes a little longer as it is dependent on the waves. This means the oysters are usually 3 to 4 years old before they are ready for consumption.

The pleasure of Oysters

These lovely, full oysters are drawn from the best growing areas, with strong currents and a rich supply of nutrients. The Oosterschelde national park is the biggest national park in the Netherlands and is famous for its pure, clean water. The oysters are refined in our oyster basins using filtered Oosterschelde water.
The Oesterij Special is grown in bags and baskets attached to ‘oyster racks’. The action of the waves and tides gives these oysters a lovely, deep shape and a thicker shell.
The affinage in purified Oosterschelde water ensures a beautiful, well-balanced, sweeter taste. As this is a special, these oysters are nice and full. This guarantees a rich, creamy taste sensation.
In the summer we work with triploid oysters and in the winter with diploid oysters, meaning that these oysters are available in top quality all year round.