Juizette La Rêveuse III

These oysters were popular with French bon vivants back in the 17th century already. The Fine de Claire is a well-known French oyster that has undergone its last ‘affinage’ in the ‘claires’. These claires, which are connected to the open sea, are shallow closable ponds in the past used mainly for the production of salt. Thanks to the affinage in the claires, these oysters have a stronger, slightly sweeter taste. The Fines de Claires lie in the claires for one to three months at a maximum density of 20 oysters per square metre and have a meat percentage of between 6.5 and 10.5%.

The pleasure of Oysters

France. This oyster can be grown in various parts of France, but must have spent at least 28 days in the famous ‘Claires’ to be called a Fine de Claire.
Suspended rack culture, principally in bags on oyster racks one metre above the sea bottom.
The Fine de Claire oyster has a higher liquid content and a delicate salty taste.
The Fine de Claire has a meat percentage of between 6.5 and 10.5% and is available all year round in the following selections, see below.